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Private Capital Investments

Private Investments are investments that aren’t part of the traditional stock or bond market.  They can help to lower the volatility of your portfolio and increase overall returns.  

Creative Wealth Solutions for Business Owners

Learn about the many financial options available to business owners: Take advantage of tax efficiencies both inside and outside your corporation.

Individual Financial Planning

Take advantage of private wealth management, insurance solutions and financial planning for you and your family.  Fee for service plans are also available.

Amber French

Founder and CEO

There is a whole world of investment opportunity in the Private Markets that most people aren’t aware of.  Adding Private Investments to your portfolio can produce so many benefits:  Lowering volatility, increasing overall returns,  diversification and, in some cases, massive tax advantages.

I am also really passionate about helping small business owners and professionals realize the incredible financial tools available to them.  Every company and person is unique:  I enjoy the creativity involved in combining strategies across multiple platforms.  

 I can show you ways to be more diversified, efficient and tax advantaged.  Let’s get to work!

Amber French

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